Safely home, but…

… our broadband router had died, so won't be on line for a few more days. Very annoying, but we really should have remembered to disconnect it before leaving. It was most likely killed during a thunderstorm. Oh well – our plants had grown nicely and we now have to use our time getting the wardrobes up and fill them and various shelves and cupboards, rather than getting up to speed on line.

6 thoughts on “Safely home, but…

  1. I hope you get a new router soon! This has actually happened to ours many times due to lightning & thunder striking just right above our house. The best way to prevent this from happening again is to immediately switch off router, pull out internet wire from router & unplug everything when it's raining.

  2. The photo is very nice!If the router doesn't work for a second at our place, our pawrents get so frustrated. Hope everything is back to normal soon. :)Momo & Pinot

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