Did anyone say socialization?

Hello everyone!

After almost a week up by the lake, we returned home today. Mom and PA are working this weekend, so we had to come home. It won’t be home for much longer, though. We’ll be moving very soon!

Having a little one around means a lot of socialization.. Like the tarps in the yard up by the lake (they cover up the firewood).

Walking on top of the strange, crinkly surface:

Walking underneath it while it’s blowing in the wind..
He really is a confident and tough little guy, and so far the only thing that really scared him was when PA played the guitar. BOL! But he kept playing until he calmed down and relaxed, we’ll make sure he hears the guitar again soon to make sure he learns it’s no problem.

A bonus with the various socialization is that it tires him out! BOL!


Have a furry happy weekend, guys!



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