Birthday Celebrations!

Thanks for all your kind words on my birthday! I had a furry nice day – just LOOK what I got for dinner!




I also got a nice new bed, but we haven’t gotten any good pictures of it yet. It’s supposed to fit in my crate to have in the car. Mom also took some nice pix of my nine year old self, but it’s hard to post using only cell phones, so we’ll post those later.

Nine years and one day

We Will Vacation..

We’re dreaming of spring. It’s been lovely lately, apart from yesterday which was cold, rainy and windy.

Now THIS is the sort of weather we like! These pix are from April 2007. We’ll have nice green grass like this soon, I hope.

Nice weather makes me happy! (Well.. most things make me happy..) But what truly makes me happy is that Mom told me we are taking my new car up to the lake tonight after Mom’s meeting at work. They’ve even promised me a nice little bonus trip early next week, but we’ll keep most of that info secret for now. Tee hee.. Either way the upcomping trip(s) make Mom run around singing “We Will Vacation” by Be Your Own Pet. She can be very silly.

Kisses, Bajas

Feeling better

Easter 2004

Thanks for all your well wishes. Bajas is certainly feeling better. He’s not been happy with me, though, as he didn’t get any food for over 24 hours. LOL! He got a tiny amount of canned cat food (that I opened for the kitties since I forgot to thaw some meat for them this morning) mixed with boiled rice. Unless something happens overnight he’ll get a proper meal in the morning.

I’m finally getting into transfering my pictures and documents to the new computer (well.. new in January or something). Might be the reason why I’m looking into the old pix. I took my qualifying test at work yesterday. It’s always scary, even though I know my job very well. We have to re-qualify at least every 18 months. So now I’m good to work for another year and a half. 😉

Worried Wednesday

Hi guys!

Just wanted to ask you for some good vibes for Bajas – he’s got an upset tummy and isn’t feeling too great. (And for him to show symptoms of discomfort is saying someting.) I hate it when the boys are sick.. I believe I know the cause of this and hopefully he’ll feel better soon (he’s got some meds and I gave him some calming foods this morning anticipating this) – if not we’ll go see the dogtor in the morning.

I can hardly believe he’ll turn nine next friday – and certainly want him to feel super in plenty of time for his birthday. Once upon a time..