A little more adventuring!

I have already shared some pix of our trip to Sweden at Easter here and here and here. But here are a few more, since we’re at home and have proper Internets. Oh.. that makes me think – I surely hope we get proper Internets fairly soon after we move, and that the general quality that far into nowhere is decent. Or we *will* go mad(der).

The cabin had a little kitchenette – and Mom managed to make some decent dinner, with tomato sauce she’d brought from home + some local supplies.

After dinner we went for a nice evening walkie. I didn’t get any of the humans dinner, but I got some lovely chunks of salmon and lamb, so no worries.
Then – play time! The humans seem to have very strange taste in games, but I help them anyways.

But – I’ll admit it’s mainly for the snuggles!

‘Kay, I’m ready – let’s go home! I’m so furry comfy in my crate, I hardly wanted to come out for walkies when the hoomans took a pause.


3 thoughts on “A little more adventuring!

  1. Hi Bajas! We are so far behind – we will have to check out the other pics from Sweden! Our dad's cousin lives in Sweden and he comes to visit every year – but we have never seen it so we can't wait to see your pictures!

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