Friday Adventures

I have some adventure-pix to show you! They’re not actually from today, but we can pretend. Plus it actually WAS a Friday, just a couple of weeks ago.

First we found the pretty flowers! You should have seen Mom climbing the slope with the camera and clinging to little baby trees to keep from falling down on the road while taking the pix. There’s more adventuring here than you can see from the photo! BOL!

Then we spotted some cranes! Once again Mom asked P.A. to pull over so she could try to take some pix. They were far away on the other side of some trees/brush and then well onto the marsh.. Mom didn’t try to go very far, but still stood in the marsh holding on to yet another tree (a bit bigger this time). Oh – and she still got her toes wet. Hee hee hee..

Then we arrived at the actual destination, a very old church ruin. I got to run around a bit there! Mom didn’t need the help of any trees to get this picture. Impressive!?

Nor this – the rocks in the background used to be part of the church!
Then we drove a little further before having a little snack in the back of the car. Oh – and we’ve found a really nice way to use the pics of P.A. without showing his face (can you believe he doesn’t want to be on my bloggy??).. Here me and P.A.. uh.. I mean SMILEY.. are relaxing after sharing a muffin!

Happy weekend everyone!

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