And the right breed was:


Staffordshire Bull Terrier! Kari was the only one guessing it was some sort of bull terrier – well done! We had lots of fun googling puppy pix of the suggested breeds/crosses to see what their puppy selves looked like.

Now let’s introduce my brudder’s pawrents:

This is his mom, Åsa. She’s a real sweetheart – actually her nick name is something along the line of the hug/the hugger. Mom and P.A. got to meet her and she just wanted to snuggle – she didn’t mind them visiting her puppies at all. She’s already a champion and was best staffie # 4 and best staffie bitch # 3 in Sweden last year. Impressive, huh?

Now this is his dad: his name is Zingo. We haven’t met him, but they say he’s a very friendly dog, too. He’s also a show off doggie, and has two CCs so far.

Photos curtesy of their breeder, Rosmary Åsberg.

Now everybuddy say “Awww….”:

Oh yeah – we don’t know which of the four little dudes will ble my brudder yet, as they’re a little to small to show their personalities yet. Once we know for sure we’ll certainly let you know. We hopes it is one of the boys we manage to recognize in the photos. BOL!
Hope you all have a happy Easter weekend!

7 thoughts on “And the right breed was:

  1. OH a Staffie! Gosh, I can't believe I said it was a Puggle. How embarrassing. Both Sire & Dam are gorgeous! Look at that ripped body of Zingo's!!! Amazing. I bet your brother is going to grow up looking ridiculously handsome just like his daddy.

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