Hello guys!

We’re back home again. Well – back at the lake, that is. We had a nice little trip to Sweden.

Here we’re taking a little break and eating lunch. I got to sit on the bench with mom. She offered me some bread. Yuck. We gave it to the birdies instead. Mom and P.A. had a good laugh when I walked around with the bread in my mouth wondering what to do with it. Weirdoes.

Here you can see my crate – so I could keep an eye on them as we travelled. But.. well.. Mostly I just snored.

Here’s the little cottage we stayed in. It had a very nice view of the river.

This is taken from our porch. The guy is fishing for salmon – most of the people who stay at the camp are.

Heading home!

Now – do you wonder what we did in Sweden? 😉


8 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. BajasThat looks like a bootiful place to go, hmmmm, I don't know what you did in yummie fishes???btw, I eat toast fow bweakfast evewy mowning wif Mommi..I like all kinds of foodsessmoochie kissesASTA

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