Birthday Celebrations!

Thanks for all your kind words on my birthday! I had a furry nice day – just LOOK what I got for dinner!




I also got a nice new bed, but we haven’t gotten any good pictures of it yet. It’s supposed to fit in my crate to have in the car. Mom also took some nice pix of my nine year old self, but it’s hard to post using only cell phones, so we’ll post those later.

Nine years and one day

8 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations!

  1. OMG that looks delicous! But it's waaay to big for you! You need to give that away to a bigger dog…like a German Shepherd…hee hee!Glad your b'day rocked!!

  2. HOLY MOTHER OF DOG!! That is one monster drumstick for such a small doggie like you. WOW! bet that meatables tasted like heaven. Nyom!

  3. Happy Birthday little pug friend. That is one spectacular present for sure.I liked seeing Virus and you exploring. You are having a super sized adventure.Slobbers,Mango

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