We Will Vacation..

We’re dreaming of spring. It’s been lovely lately, apart from yesterday which was cold, rainy and windy.

Now THIS is the sort of weather we like! These pix are from April 2007. We’ll have nice green grass like this soon, I hope.

Nice weather makes me happy! (Well.. most things make me happy..) But what truly makes me happy is that Mom told me we are taking my new car up to the lake tonight after Mom’s meeting at work. They’ve even promised me a nice little bonus trip early next week, but we’ll keep most of that info secret for now. Tee hee.. Either way the upcomping trip(s) make Mom run around singing “We Will Vacation” by Be Your Own Pet. She can be very silly.

Kisses, Bajas

7 thoughts on “We Will Vacation..

  1. Hi Everyone! We missed you while we were on our visiting break! We are in agreement with you that we hope the spring weather comes soon – today is ok but it is going to be cold and yucky the rest of the week. We hope you get some soon that is nice and warm and fun!!

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