Feeling better

Easter 2004

Thanks for all your well wishes. Bajas is certainly feeling better. He’s not been happy with me, though, as he didn’t get any food for over 24 hours. LOL! He got a tiny amount of canned cat food (that I opened for the kitties since I forgot to thaw some meat for them this morning) mixed with boiled rice. Unless something happens overnight he’ll get a proper meal in the morning.

I’m finally getting into transfering my pictures and documents to the new computer (well.. new in January or something). Might be the reason why I’m looking into the old pix. I took my qualifying test at work yesterday. It’s always scary, even though I know my job very well. We have to re-qualify at least every 18 months. So now I’m good to work for another year and a half. 😉

6 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. OMG sorry I missed this!! I hope you feel better soon Bajas and can eat some yummy noms!! Paws crossed and kisses!! ps…you don't look a day over 4!!

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