Momday Morning

We’re having a quiet Monday morning here at the WriggleButt Residence. Audiobook, a nice breakfast and all four of us on the couch. Bajas snoring, Hyssy purring and Virus watching the birds outside.

There are new seeds in the greenhouse. Hopefully we’ll see them sprouting soon.

We harvested our oriental veg on Friday
Pak Choi

The Tsoi Sim was about to flower (the flower buds tasted just like broccoli).
We had them in a lovely stir-fry with oystersauce and garlic.

After a four week “internship” at a high school as part of our pedagogics class it’s back to regular programming. After being sick for so long with migraines, fever and then the ear infection I plan to reduce my number of classes (I take double the amount I need, so cutting one or two is no problem). All the classes have obligatory papers that have to be written soon, and I don’t think I can manage writing 5 big papers right now.. It’s a bit annoying, but I only took these extra classes for the variation, so even if I don’t complete them they’ve served a purpose. (I *would* have gone mad with only the pedagogics.)

Have a great week everyone! I hope the boys will get around to post, read and comment more now that our lives go back to normal. 😉



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