A little more adventuring!

I have already shared some pix of our trip to Sweden at Easter here and here and here. But here are a few more, since we’re at home and have proper Internets. Oh.. that makes me think – I surely hope we get proper Internets fairly soon after we move, and that the general quality that far into nowhere is decent. Or we *will* go mad(der).

The cabin had a little kitchenette – and Mom managed to make some decent dinner, with tomato sauce she’d brought from home + some local supplies.

After dinner we went for a nice evening walkie. I didn’t get any of the humans dinner, but I got some lovely chunks of salmon and lamb, so no worries.
Then – play time! The humans seem to have very strange taste in games, but I help them anyways.

But – I’ll admit it’s mainly for the snuggles!

‘Kay, I’m ready – let’s go home! I’m so furry comfy in my crate, I hardly wanted to come out for walkies when the hoomans took a pause.


Friday Adventures

I have some adventure-pix to show you! They’re not actually from today, but we can pretend. Plus it actually WAS a Friday, just a couple of weeks ago.

First we found the pretty flowers! You should have seen Mom climbing the slope with the camera and clinging to little baby trees to keep from falling down on the road while taking the pix. There’s more adventuring here than you can see from the photo! BOL!

Then we spotted some cranes! Once again Mom asked P.A. to pull over so she could try to take some pix. They were far away on the other side of some trees/brush and then well onto the marsh.. Mom didn’t try to go very far, but still stood in the marsh holding on to yet another tree (a bit bigger this time). Oh – and she still got her toes wet. Hee hee hee..

Then we arrived at the actual destination, a very old church ruin. I got to run around a bit there! Mom didn’t need the help of any trees to get this picture. Impressive!?

Nor this – the rocks in the background used to be part of the church!
Then we drove a little further before having a little snack in the back of the car. Oh – and we’ve found a really nice way to use the pics of P.A. without showing his face (can you believe he doesn’t want to be on my bloggy??).. Here me and P.A.. uh.. I mean SMILEY.. are relaxing after sharing a muffin!

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday Funnies!

We have been over at “The Oatmeal” having giggles today.. Mom’s been a good girl doing one of her obligatory assignments today – so it’s nice to have something to giggle at during breaks.

A fun facts about cats – http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cat_know

Mom’s favorite parasitic flatworm – http://theoatmeal.com/comics/captain_higgins

And the right breed was:


Staffordshire Bull Terrier! Kari was the only one guessing it was some sort of bull terrier – well done! We had lots of fun googling puppy pix of the suggested breeds/crosses to see what their puppy selves looked like.

Now let’s introduce my brudder’s pawrents:

This is his mom, Åsa. She’s a real sweetheart – actually her nick name is something along the line of the hug/the hugger. Mom and P.A. got to meet her and she just wanted to snuggle – she didn’t mind them visiting her puppies at all. She’s already a champion and was best staffie # 4 and best staffie bitch # 3 in Sweden last year. Impressive, huh?

Now this is his dad: his name is Zingo. We haven’t met him, but they say he’s a very friendly dog, too. He’s also a show off doggie, and has two CCs so far.

Photos curtesy of their breeder, Rosmary Åsberg.

Now everybuddy say “Awww….”:

Oh yeah – we don’t know which of the four little dudes will ble my brudder yet, as they’re a little to small to show their personalities yet. Once we know for sure we’ll certainly let you know. We hopes it is one of the boys we manage to recognize in the photos. BOL!
Hope you all have a happy Easter weekend!


Hello guys!

We’re back home again. Well – back at the lake, that is. We had a nice little trip to Sweden.

Here we’re taking a little break and eating lunch. I got to sit on the bench with mom. She offered me some bread. Yuck. We gave it to the birdies instead. Mom and P.A. had a good laugh when I walked around with the bread in my mouth wondering what to do with it. Weirdoes.

Here you can see my crate – so I could keep an eye on them as we travelled. But.. well.. Mostly I just snored.

Here’s the little cottage we stayed in. It had a very nice view of the river.

This is taken from our porch. The guy is fishing for salmon – most of the people who stay at the camp are.

Heading home!

Now – do you wonder what we did in Sweden? 😉