Walking Wednesday and a Garden Tour

I took the sick lady out for a walk in the snow today. Well.. I do it at least 3 times a day, but this time we took the phone with us to show you.

Notice my little sneezing issue there for a while.. had Mom giggling.

Also. Mom was going to take some pix of her vegetables, but the video function was still on – so we’re taking you on a guided tour. Well.. If you bother pressing play, that is.

The fan is on, so that’s why it’s a little windy. The blurry, tiny green dots she’s trying to show you underneath the primrose’s leaf are tiny baby (wild) strawberry plants. She managed to kill a few strawberry and wild strawberry seedlings bc she’s not been watering enough (the fan dries out the surface, and these seedlings are tiny). That’s why that mini greenhouse is in there, too. Some of the strawberry babies are in there for safe keeping. Haha..

Mom is perhaps feeling a little better tonight. We believe the ear drum broke yesterday (at least she had gooey stuff coming out of her ear) and that got some of the pressure off, but then she got more of a fever which continued until today. She took pain killers which also lowered the fever earlier today, but by our calculations those should wear off about now. So either it’s not kicked back in yet or she’s a little better. Time will tell. BOL!


6 thoughts on “Walking Wednesday and a Garden Tour

  1. You look lik eyou were on a mission on that walk, Bajas. Wish we had that snow here.And the garden greens are looking so good, very healthy. Hope you get lots of good fruit and veggies.Paws crossed for Mom to be better.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Who were you leaving that pee-mail for, Bajas? Love your mom's vegetables! They looks so green. Bet it smells so fresh & vegetable-ish in that green house.Oh dear, sounds like she's got really bad ear infection. I hope it gets better real soon.

  3. I enjoyed taking a cyberstroll with you B-boy 🙂 Take good care of your mum whilst she's recovering from the earinfection. Hugs Auntie Linie 😉

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