So what does the sick biologists say..

…when the doctor tells her she’s got a nasty ear infection and prescribes penicillin?

Yeah.. you got it! Mom went to see the dogtor and is getting penicillin for the infection and painkillers to help her sleep. So what was her immediate thought after this information? “Oh.. I can’t wait for the penicillin to inhibit the bacteria’s cell wall construction.” Now there’s a geek for you!

Since we haven’t taken any new pix today, here are a couple from the greenhouse
A few flowers to remind us it’s technically spring. The daffodils have opened today, we’ll get some pix later.

Here’s the sallad blowing in the breeze – we stuck the blue plant marker in there not to remember it’s sallad but to have something to use to show how it’s growing.
Hopefully the penicillin will mess up those bacterial cell walls and we’ll be back to our normal schedule soon.


6 thoughts on “So what does the sick biologists say..

  1. Your mom sure is a big old nerd, isn't she. Well, at least she knows what is going on instead of just popping pills at random, right? Boy, oh boy, I sure hope she is better soon. Usually just 24 hours with the antibiotics to take effect, right?Slobbers,Mango

  2. Bacterial cell wall construction? Penicillin will inhibit that? HOpe it does so successfully so your mom gets better!Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

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