Happy Birthday P.A.!

It’s P.A.’s birthday today. Mom went downtown with him this afternoon and he got to pick out his own birthday gift (comic book, Mom was afraid to get the wrong one) and then they had lunch.

They saw these strange snow/ice figures when they were downtown. The opening ceremony of the FIS nordic world championship is tomorrow night. Looks like they have a bit of work left, but they’re pretty cool!

A whole lot of screams!

Tonight they’ll make yummy dinner and we’ll all relax on the couch! This is what’s for dinner btw: http://www.rachaelray.com/recipe.php?recipe_id=3225 Very yummy!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday P.A.!

  1. Those ice sculptures are so interesting.We have nothing like that where I live. We have sand sculptures 30 mile away at the coastline – but not in my town.Love Noodles

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