Would you all send a little power of the paw magic to Mom, please? The silly hooman went and got herself the biggest, baddest canker sore she’s ever had right at the back of the mouth. Despite taking painkillers before going to bed she woke up from the pain in the middle of the nigth and had to take more. They are often pretty painful but she’s never had to take painkillers for them before. (She’s got a pretty high pain tolerance, really. She doesn’t want the dentist to give her anything for the pain when fixing cavities among other things. Thinks it’s a waste of money as it feels the same either way. This makes it sound like she’s got lots of cavities, which isn’t really true, but one has been fixed 3 times and then two more. One dentist begged her to use’em, though, as it made her nervous. BOL!)

Either way – she’s managed to get a little breakfast down, but most of the time talking and eating is asking too much. Thankfully she’s only got one class today, so the need for talking should be minimal.


10 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. BajasI know you will cuddle youw Mom and I am sending hew heling smoochie kisses. I hope that wotten Cankew goes away soonsmoochie kissesASTA

  2. Oh noes! My Mommeh sometimes gets those right under her tongue, and we know those can be miserable. We'll purr extra hard for her!

  3. Oh our mom gets canker sores all teh time – she finds rinsing with a peroxide/water mix (she just guesses it but it is mostly water) helps to clear it up – she got the idea from having to do that for sore throats as a kid. The other thing she does to kind of numb it is rinse with Listerine (not sure what you have over there that would be the equivilent – but it is a strong alcohol mouthwash) – it hurts like the dickens while you do it but it numbs the area for a long time afterwards. We are sending her lots of purrs and mom is sending lots of get well wishes, because she knows how much they hurt!!

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