Sowing Chilis

I picked up the seeds from the UK this morning on my way to school. I’ll introduce the different varieties later.

I stopped by a garden center on my way home to get some supplies. What I had was mainly good for regular potted plants.

I chose the lazy version, so I didn’t get dirt all over the apartment this time. Good thing, really. I was cleaning out the kitty litter pan and Hyssing jumped into it and emptied the ENTIRE thing all over the livingroom.. Had to run and get out the vacuum to prevent the kitties from deciding the entire livingroom was their new bathroom while I was away. Why do these things always happen when you are on your way out?
All nicely soaked with hot water, seeds are in and they’ve been lightly covered and placed in a cupboard on the bathroom floor. I hope the heated floor underneath will provide the necessary temperature to germinate these seeds. I had only 8 seeds of the Lemon Drop and Nepalese Bells varieties, so I’ve sown all of those, and half or less of the Jalapeno and Filius Blue. So at least I have something to fall back on if these fail.

Oh.. and here’s another pretty winter sky picture! 🙂


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