Happy belated birthday MOM!

It was Mom’s birthday yesterday – but at first she was at work and then she came home with a fever and went to bed. So she didn’t really turn the computer on for us to use. Today she has to get out of bed for a few hours and go to school (obligatory attendence) so we made her turn the computer on!

Due to the sickies (P.A. is sick, too, he started this mess) we haven’t any fun new pictures. But after all the greenhouse is Mom’s birthday present from P.A. and grandpaw so this is somewhat birthday related. Mom finally got out a fan to strengthen the seedlings a bit! She couldn’t remember where she put hers, so ended up borrowing P.A.’s.

Hopefully this will make them super tough! BOL!


Fruity Friday

Virus is very fascinated by the little greenhouse, or perhaps why we’ve gotten a little indoor garden.. This is one of the chilies when mom got the greenhouse.

Now it’s grown nice new leaves, as have most of the other chilies (all 18 of them)!
The little baby oriental greens have grown nice and big and several of them are starting to show their first true leaves, too. We’ve repotted them to give them some more space to grow now (and the basil, too).

Have a great weekend everyone!



Every February there’s a big sale on books here in Norway over 800 titles in all sorts of categories are sold at up to 80% discount. I’ve limited my number of paper books these last few years, with my limited space. But since we’re moving now I don’t have to get *only* kindle books. Some handbooks are better to have as paper varieties.

I only got one book from this sale – a book about hedgerow/wild food. What weeds and wild plants can be used as food (and how)?

I look forwards to spring and trying out some of the things in here! I love foraging. To me it symbolizes a way to reconnect with nature (as opposed to our modern lives).. I’ll let you know when I try things, and wheter they were a hit.

But for now we forage at the supermarket – here’s a shot of last night’s dinner. Since it was a Rachel Ray recipe, I suppose we should say it was yum-o. LOL!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Happy Birthday P.A.!

It’s P.A.’s birthday today. Mom went downtown with him this afternoon and he got to pick out his own birthday gift (comic book, Mom was afraid to get the wrong one) and then they had lunch.

They saw these strange snow/ice figures when they were downtown. The opening ceremony of the FIS nordic world championship is tomorrow night. Looks like they have a bit of work left, but they’re pretty cool!

A whole lot of screams!

Tonight they’ll make yummy dinner and we’ll all relax on the couch! This is what’s for dinner btw: http://www.rachaelray.com/recipe.php?recipe_id=3225 Very yummy!


Seedy Sunday

Mom got her mini greenhouse the other day. She’s started a little trial to see if it’s possible to grow a few greens in there in winter. Since the chilies are the only plants we need to start this early most of the space is unused, so it’s worth a shot anyways.

Here are the seeds that sprouted today

How it’s supposed to look if it ever matures:

We didn’t get this online, so don’t have a picture for it.

Pak Choi “Santoh”
If it ever matures this is what we’ll get:

“Kailaan” stem broccoli
It could turn out looking something like this:

And finally “Tsoi Sim”

Now time will show if it works! We’ve started a few herbs and onions, too, but they haven’t waken up yet.

Now if she’d only get those meatables started…


Puppy Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones. We don’t really celebrate Valentines around here, allthough it is becoming increasingly popular (who doesn’t like gifts, right? plus the stores make money). Yesterday was mothers day around here and since we are somewhat shopping challenged with paws and without monies P.A. gave Mom 1 hr massage so she just got a gift anyways. BOL!

We thought we’d find a cute puppy movie to post today.. And then we decided we could as well tell you the exciting news along with it! After we move (June) and re-decorate and stuff we’ll be getting a little baby sister or brother. Most likely looking a little like these guys;

I think that will be fun. At least mostly fun.. BOL! I was a pain when I was a poopie, or so I’m told..



We saw a quite impressive movie today – now who need agility equipment when there’s a world of challenges out there?


See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Also – thanks for all the kind words and advice for Mom. She is starting to feel a little better!