Mango Minster 2011

Okay.. We’re a bit late this year (you know.. Mom’s being all silly and useless) so there’s no room for Bajas to enter, but we do have kitteh’s in the house so that’s okay. Hyssy did so well in Mango Minster last year, so we decided to let Virus have the honor this year.


  1. When your human calls your name do you feign interest or outright ignore them?
    Do you mean to say I’m supposed to come when called rather than have Mom come help me when I call?
  2. Do you meditate at least 20 hours each day?
    Sleeping.. uh.. meditating, eating and and hour or so of running after my son is what I spend my days doing.
  3. A moth is in the house. Do you kill and consume it or toy with the hapless thing until it is wounded and flapping and leave it for your human to you thin ice?
    Uhm.. Well.. I try my best to catch it and eat it, but they are too fast for me.. At least the mosquitoes and flies we usually get.
  4. Do you ignore expensive gifts from your pals in favor of a Q-tip discovered on the wet room floor?
    Gifts? All things are mine. If I had it first – it’s mine, if I saw it – it’s mine, if I want it – it’s mine.. and so on..
  5. Do you speak in tongues before hacking up a furball?
    No. I’ve grown some quite impressive furs lately, but they’re still not quite furball material.
  6. At 8PM are you likely to be found counter surfing or pretending to be a lap cat in the hope of getting foodables?
    I’ll probably be asleep on the bathroom floor (heated tiles, you know)..
  7. Do you bury your poop and / or build a mountain atop which to carefully place a poopy Stoned Hinged sculpture?
    My poop is very small (raw fed, you know) and my toilet only has wood pellets and not sand, but I do my very best to make a little tower!



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