Foodie Friday

Happy Friday, guys!

What? Wasn’t this the food you were expecting? BOL! Mom was at a friends house yesterday to do some gingerbread decorating and just talk and laugh and be silly. She also used the opportunity to make some silly, nerdy “amino acid” cakes


Hee hee hee…


Mom had her Biochemistry exam today. (She thinks she did okay.) Her study buddies got the two cakes pictured above.
We got something very yummy for lunch! Nice big chunks of pig heart. We didn’t get any breakfast, but lunch instead, so Virus also chewed a little on her phone’s computer cable. She was most pleased. But hey – SHE’s the one who say it’s so nice to feed raw so we get our chewing needs covered. When we don’t get anything proper to chew what does she expect? Really!?!

Here are some furry nice sunset pix taken from Mom’s school, through a window, with her phone. All in all not bad.



Happy kisses,
Hyssy, Virus and Bajas

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