Merry Christmas

First of all -thanks for all your concern. We arrived safely, if a couple of hours late.

We’re celebrating today, with pressies and yummy foodables and all the trimmings. We’re likely to be a bit to and fro from now on and into the new year and we hope you all enjoy the holidays!

Purrs and kisses,
Hyssing, Virus and Bajas


Trouble on the road…

Hi guys. As I'm typing this we are on a train on our way to grandpa. Our first train got delayed due to a bomb scare at the airport. So we decided to take a different route. Then our train breaks down and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere for almost an hour until another train came to pull us along until the next major station where we took the train that left Oslo one hour behind us. So now we wonder what will go wrong when we get to the ferry. BOL! good thing mom knitted sweaters for Hyssing and Virus and made warm covers for their crates so they don't freeze. I even got my coat on just in case.

Kisses, Bajas.

Monday cuteness

My grandchildren are just over two weeks now – can you believe how cute they are? We completely forgot to thank their breeder, Kristina, and credit her for the pictures last time we posted their pix. The cattery website is:

Mom’s been ooh’ing and ahh’ing over this picture all night. This is S*Älskade Skare

The girls

Cuddle pie!

Mom actually went to Sweden today, but not quite far enough into the country to visit these cuties. She came home with all sorts of yummy meatables for us to eat, though.


A little Saturday silliness!

Mom was rather mean today and made us pose for Christmas pix! She had her final exam yesterday and is working this weekend, but we’ll eventually catch up with efurryone!



Oh, the disgrace…

Uh Mom? MOM? Virus is getting this mistletoe-thing all wrong!

At least I got proof that the kitties are the ones who ruin stuff! BOL!

Hope you all have lovely pre-Christmas weekends!


So – much – cuteness!

Hi guys!

Virus and Hyssy are being very proud these days. The beautiful Pralinë gave birth to four wonderful kittens on 4 December. 2 boys, 2 girls. Their nephews and nieces/grandchildren are most adorable. Although they are still mainly “kitten dough” and not so much cats.


3 days old and too cute for words!

Mom and her little black/white son. They really look a lot alike. Just a shame they live far away in Gothenburg, Sweden. At least that makes it a little easier to resist their cuteness. There’s no room for any more kitties in our apartment, that’s for sure.


Foodie Friday Surprise

We weren’t really going to make a post today.. It’s been quite a day – my mother was diagnosed with cancer yesterday and there’s been phone calls and hospital transfers and all sorts of craziness.. But then Virus stole Bajas’ dinner and he looked so confused I almost fell over laughing. He’d fallen asleep after an hour or two of gnawing and looking up he saw this:

Tomorrow I’m going to do my best to focus and study for my exam…