A few Tuesday pix.

First of all – we got a little sun today. Apparently it replaced some of the wind. We’re quite happy with that combination. It’s really chilly, though.

Oh – and here’s one of Mom’s ouchie foot. It’s MUCH less swollen now, but you can see it’s more colorful than usual.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to post or comment much the next couple of days since Mom’s got an exam on Friday and tends to be somewhat unavailable.

Our Biochemical song of the day is Protein synthesis. http://www.csulb.edu/~cohlberg/Songs/protein.mp3



8 thoughts on “A few Tuesday pix.

  1. Oh that snow made us cold to look at even with the sun in the picture! We have some headed our way soon – we aren't excited at all!And your moms ouchie foot doesn't look too too bad but it is multicolored for sure – we are sending her lots of purrs! And we are also sending her good luck purrs for her exam!!

  2. BajasAll I have is big winds and wainstay wawm and give youw Mom help wif those exams and a big smoochie kiss fwom me fow hew ouchy footloveASTA

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