Safety Reminder

Hi guys!

We have something very important to talk to you about today. But first – we’d like you to meet Mason.

Isn’t he just the most handsome guy? A few years ago he managed to get into some very serious business. Mom asked his mom, Lisa, if she could share Mason’s story on the bloggy and she said yes. You can see more pictures on their website if you want.

So – what did Mason get into? He got into the paper shredder. Literally. He was quite lucky, though, and they managed to pull his tongue back out without too severe damage. Here you can see a photo after it’s healed back up.

We didn’t want the bloody pictures on the blog. But if you haven’t seen the result of paper shredder damage before you might Google paper shredder + dog + tongue and you’ll see how lucky Mason is.

So here’s the deal. We’re heading into a season where paper shredders are used more frequently in the average home. Please – please -please – if you have a paper shredder always keep it unplugged when it isn’t used. And when it’s in use – please make sure no animals are in the room with you. Although Mason has a very funky looking tongue we don’t want any more friends with injured tongues or whose furs are cut off.

Warm and safe snuggles
Hyssing, Virus and Bajas


14 thoughts on “Safety Reminder

  1. Thank you so much for that information. Momma doesn't even leave our shredder plugged in. What an awful thing that would be.Slobbers,MangoP.S. Your sweater makes you look kind of portly.

  2. Oh how awful for poor Mason. Our shredder is never plugged in unless the humans are using it. And it is always kept where we and the grandkidlets are not allowed. Safety first.Great post, Bajas, Hyssing, and Virus.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Oh my! Poor Mason. I am glad he is OK and that his Momma let you share his story. I will make sure Mom does not leave the shredder plugged in, ever. Thank you!

  4. WOW, that is scary, thank god are paper shredder is in storage, and grams doesn't own one, but thanks for the heads up.~~Bailey~~

  5. Poor Mason – we are glad things turned out ok for him. Thanks for sharing this information with us – mom says she would have never have thought about us getting into a paper shredder.Pugs & Kisses,Yoda & Brutus

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