Happy Foodie Friday

We interrupt our planned Foodie Friday post with a progress report!

We are most thrilled to tell you that last night Virus and Hyssing – for the very first time – agreed to chewing pieces of chicken neck. They have eaten the occasional small bone. But finding small and easily edible bones (for kitties) are hard to find, at least for us, and what we find is generally pricey. It was pure luck Mom found a new Asian store downtown on Wednesday and they stocked chicken necks. We have found some earlier, attached to whole chickens bought in Sweden, but the kitties didn’t seem to want them back then.

I can assure you Mom acted most silly yesterday jumping for joy as she watched Virus eat the stuff. It should be said it was cut down into small pieces, but as you can see on the video he had to actually CHEW which is the important thing.

We don’t think it’ll be all easy sailing from here on, but it’s still a great breakthrough!

I’m sorta proud of the little ones – they have such tiny mouths after all.


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