Flat Bajas Goes to Copenhagen part II

After the boat docked in Copehagen Flat Bajas set out for the city centre. How ’bout a guided boat trip along the canals?

Flat Bajas – ready to go!

These are some seriously pretty old boats! This canal is, among other things, used as a museum for old wooden boats.



Some of the bridges were pretty low!

This submarine is a museum! (Starting to see a trend here old boat=museum?)

The military ground.. uh.. water.. was off limits. Notice the cool old rig that used to get boats up onto dry land when necessary.


This is the worlds smallest, functional full rigger – and is used as a school ship.

A house boat district. There were some really cool house boats – including at least one with a “garden” with several fruit trees and so on (that useless Mom didn’t manage to get proper pix of).

We’ll save the last pix for a third post so as not to drown you. BOL!


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