Exam time..

I’ve got an exam tomorrow. That’s my excuse for why the boys and I have been MIA lately. It’s my biodiversity class. It’s really interesting – but it’s a LOT of species to recognize. We’ve made flash cards with all the species.. and just plants are around 170, then add fungi, mosses, lichen, marine and terrestrial invertebrates and vertebrates… We need to identify the species (including their phylogeny, where they are placed in the tree of life, and there are a LOT of levels for some of them) + know where they live, special adaptations and so on.


But the real point of this post is to show this shot I took yesterday.. I had a little giggle at my view.. that’s what it’s like when you’re a biology major..


Hope you’ve all had a nice Wednesday. It’s 10.36 PM here and I’ve just gotten home from school. Please cross your fingers before going to bed tonight that I’ll get species I know – we only get a total of 40 species from the several hundred we’ve got to know.. (And some are hard to tell apart.. )


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