Saturday on the Shoulder

The furry best place is to be on someone’s shoulder. Mom and PA refer to it as “the ferry” that ferries me around the house (and sometimes even outside).


PeeEss: Maggie and Mitch had trouble seeing my adventuring pix – they are showing up here without trouble. Lemme know if anyone else have trouble, okay?


8 thoughts on “Saturday on the Shoulder

  1. We could see dem pictures yesterday but not so much today.Meja is all about the shoulder ride. But at a very manly 70# noone will put me on their shoulder! The noive!!! BoboBobo and Meja

  2. I saw your adventure photos OK. M&M must of had a blip (I hope). That shoulder thing looks kind of dangerous to me. But I suppose you are a bit more agile than myself.Slobbers,Mango

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