Walking Wednesday!

Hello, friends!

Mom and I had a nice walkie this morning and we even made a little video.


We met this little slug.. We think he was hurt since he was positioned so strangely. This is a “good” slug, so we placed him in the grass so that if he’s got a chance to recover he can.

I was quite happy to help with the photographing of the slug.. so Mom said I had to sit/stay..


What, lady? You said stay – you gotta say something more if I’m to come with you!



Oh – and here you can see me walking. Mom was smart enough to avoid the narrating.. she always messes the videos up if she does..

(see how I had her zoom up so you can see my pretty face?)


8 thoughts on “Walking Wednesday!

  1. yay! you really are so cute, bajas! and i would love to hear your mom, even in norwegian, talking to you. what a lovely park you have! hugs to you and your kitty brothers!hugs,puglette:o)

  2. Bajas! You have the grey furs on your little face just like I do! Hey! We don't mind the human words on the movies. Sometimes it is kind of funny. Thanks for taking us on your walkie.Slobbers,mango

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