The PeeWee arrives!

Et voila…

Uh.. No.. That’s not it….

It was a leetle more like this:
Our new PeeWee is white, though. And it came with two of those little bags of litter, and two nice toys, two kibble samples and a bag of treat. Mom also ordered two big bags of litter, so all in all it must have been quite similar to having to carry the Mango’s PeeWee home from the post office (or possibly the Mango himself).

We were a bit surprised to find that the pee wee pellets were actually larger than the woodpellets we got that were intended for pellet ovens. But the kitties don’t seem to mind. Hopefully we’ll get the cheaper ones intended for firewood next time, anyways. (Not that we’ll need more for months!)

(Who wouldn’t mind having the Mango or even PeeWee over for a visit.)

7 thoughts on “The PeeWee arrives!

  1. OK, even I, Mango, have my limits and I feel sorry for my little brother now all named after kitty litter. Poor chap. I think I am not going to let him read this post. Too upsetting.Hmmmm, on second thought, it is kind of funny. Hehehe.Slobbers,Mango

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