Suddenly Monday

Hello guys!

Suddenly it’s Monday again. It’s just over 7am and Mom and I have already been out on our walkie.

It was quite dark when we started out. Well.. Not dark, but not sunny either. It was also rather muddy some places. It rained like crazy yesterday. BOL!

The sun came over the hill as we were walking, though! We also saw some pretty flowers. Mom is rather impressed with the macro function on the phone. These are taken up CLOSE with the flowers moving in the morning breeze and Mom’s unsteady hand. BOL!

Morning kisses,

9 thoughts on “Suddenly Monday

  1. You have a good mom to take you walkies at 7AM even when it is still a little dark out. Maybe I could come and stay with you.Slobbers,Mango

  2. What pretty flowers. We have never seen any that look like that. Did you roll in the mud? I probably would have rolled in the mud in the most unladylike way possible! -Suey.

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