A little cooking…

Okay – first a teeny warning, this post may not be for the squeamish. I had a great evening yesterday, my friend came over to help me study and a lot of stuff finally sunk in. (You’ve gotta love great friends!) Then I had a lousy night with very little sleep before waking feeling sick and tired.

Had to go shopping for brunch and found all sorts of weird meatables in the meat section. I was very excited to see signs that the lamb season is coming (the boys love lambs heart) and also things like pig tongues, pig hearts, pig ears and tails (raw, not the ordinary dog treat kind)… So I decided to make up a balanced batch of raw food. I’ve never actually done that before, I’ve generally kept the different meats separated and mixed and matched along the way.

For a proper pray model raw diet you want 80% muscle meat (including heart), 10% organ (of which no more than 5% liver) and 10% edible bones (you can add a pinch of ground egg shell or use ground bones in the beginning if they’re unwilling to crunch bones).

For my muscle meat I used the hearts and tongues I found at the store today, along with meats I already had: ground lamb, ground lean beef, reindeer tongue, pork, turkey, yellow fin tuna, quail and trout. It’s not necessary to use so many kinds of meats, I just happened to have it. I made two batches, so each batch had fewer ingredients.

For organ meats I had lamb liver and kidneys.
Kidneys and heart went into the bowl first:

Then some pork tongue… Hee hee…

I soon had to switch and use my large stew pot, as the bowl turned out too small (I made up about 7kgs of food today).
My edible bones came from chicken, quail, trout and frog legs(!). Once again – stuff that I already had. One bone source would have been fine.

Then I stirred it all to mix it and stuck it in boxes – one of these contains food for a day for Bajas, Virus and Hyssing. I now have 14 of them in the freezer, and a little for today and tomorrow in the fridge. Very convenient!


10 thoughts on “A little cooking…

  1. We've never tried raw here, but the furry set here might like it. We do not get exotic meat parts at the regular grocery stores…wonder where people go here to buy that stuff –probably specialty meat markets.

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