Good learning vibes, anyone?

Okay… We’re going into Exam Mode here at the WriggleButtHome. I’m not sure if I mentioned this this spring, but I decided to postpone one of my exams (I took twice the number of classes necessary and all the exams came at once, so… ) and I’ll have it on Friday. Which means that, hopefully, I’ll spend all my time studying until then – rather than blogging and reading and commenting and anything fun. Pls send some good learning vibes – I think I need them. LOL!

Here’s a few more mountain pix – we saw something sibelishious, too!

9 thoughts on “Good learning vibes, anyone?

  1. Bajas! Thanks for the PeeWee product alert. I think you know who will have something to say about that on Wednesday.I will send whatever learning vibes I can spare, but you know how badly the Mango needs ALL his mentals.Slobbers,Mango

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