I get pupdates!

I miss my boys when I’m in the city all by myself and PA is taking care of them for me. Thankfully I get pupdates. Thank doG for multimedia messages. ūüėČ Here are a few of the pix I’ve gotten in the last few days.


The water stuff

When Bajas was younger we got him a kiddy pool to cool down during the summer. He looked at us like we were crazy. He was several years old before he showed any interest in getting into lakes and such.

Now he loves it, though!

Hyssing and Virus was most puzzled by how we and Bajas kept going into the big water bowl. Hyssy stared at it quite a bit.

Virus actually got his front paws wet a couple of times, but didn’t seem to get the concept. At least we don’t have to worry about them swimming over to the mainland. Ha ha..

Hyssy the Mini-Explorer.

I arrived home last night and is working this week. My work place is great with adapting the work situation when you are sick/injured (or pregnant) and so since I don’t have any school in July I’m doing office work instead so that my feet can get as much time as possible to heal up. Then hopefully the foot beds have had time enough to work come mid August when I’ll be back to my regular work schedule. I’m all alone, the boys have much more fun with P.A. who’s just relaxing and having fun all week. But – it’s pretty empty when they’re not here. So I hope you’ll all enjoy my summer pix of them for now.
Hyssy got to go out adventuring last week, too. He’s not quite as brave as his father, but he’s been enjoying running around quite a bit.

We interrupt this Hyssy-post with a picture of the cutest, happiest pug ever!

I’m sneaking up on you, Mom, can you see me?


Pretty little Hyssy!