Time to take out the laundry!

Mom is finally home with me after her second field trip. We’re going into OUR summer field office for a while so blogging will, unfortunately, continue to be sporadic. Today Mom had to do some laundry since she’s been away for so long and we’re leaving tomorrow..

I jumped into the bag just in case she was packing to leave me once again.

She came back, though. Even though she picked me out of the bag before washing everything. (I guess that was pretty lucky, otherwise I would have gotten horribly clean.)



10 thoughts on “Time to take out the laundry!

  1. BajasThose colows awe vewy attwactive to show off youw bootiful shiny black haiw.I'm awfully glad that you didn't get put in the washhave a good time at youw summew placesmoochie kissesASTa

  2. Laundry! Such hard work. That was a close call there, Bajas. I think you would have gotten dizzy in the washy machine.Slobbers,Mango

  3. Hi, Bajas!You found a very comfy spot there!Glad she saw you before throwing the clothes into the machine!Have a great weekend!Kisses and hugsLorenza

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