Field trip day II

This morning, this boat took us across the fjord to look at macroalgae. We saw a lot of other stuff, too.
I’ll only share a few pictures, I’m having trouble uploading pix to my regular photo site, and I’m not putting all of them on Blogger.. Just too much trouble. It’s a lot of fun being out seeing things in situ (in their proper place).

Something completely different:

We tossed this big “fork” to scrape off algae from the bottom to see. Much easier than jumping in. Ha ha..

Everything we found was passed around for all to see.

Tomorrow we’re doing marine invertebrates. Today we finished early, in time for dinner. It’s so nice not having to do lab work after dinner.. Now we’re able to read and relax and talk. The Internet reception here isn’t good, so I’m not able to read many blogs. Hope you’re all well.



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