Happy May 17! (And a plea for help!)

Hi guys! Today is our Constitution Day! So we’re celebrating wearing our flag ribbon. Actually we’re just relaxing today and won’t be doing anything furry exciting.

On a completely different note. Mom is going to write a very important paper this week and wondered if any of our so called “native speakers” of American English would concider giving her a hand and reading through her translation (on Tuesday or Wednesday)? It’ll be 1-2 pages so nothing big, mainly to see if anything isn’t making sense. If you’re willing to help please e-mail her at aneATwhipmopsDOTnet (just replace with the apropriate symbols) or leave a comment with your e-mail addy.

Happy kisses,

8 thoughts on “Happy May 17! (And a plea for help!)

  1. You all look so handsome!!!! Bajas, tell you Mom, that my Mom would love to help with her paper! Helping one of my friends is the least she can do since she hasn't helped me blog lately!!!Lots of Licks, RubyP(ee)S: Mom's email – mstankowskiATyahooDOTcom

  2. you boys look so handsome in your festive ribbons! i would be happy to help with your paper too. my email is puglette404AThotmailDOTcomhugs,puglette:o)

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