My pyramid and I, and the return of the kitties.

After spending some days with PA I came home to Mom on Saturday. When I got here the kitties weren’t to be seen and they haven’t been around since. Mom say that they’re returning today, though. It’s been nice having Mom all to myself, but it gets sort of lonely when she leaves so I guess it’ll be good to have the curly ones back.

Yesterday I got some quality time with my Dog Pyramid. I think it was my reward for being such a brave boy and facing up to the horrible Bike Pump.

The pump has not been seen since. But the bike is still in our living room. I’m most confunded. She’s partially cleaned it up and will take it to the gas station later to pump up the tires. The pump she had didn’t fit. (Yup – that’s right – it was only out to torment me! Now that’s one MEAN Mom!)

Tuesday kisses,

7 thoughts on “My pyramid and I, and the return of the kitties.

  1. Oh that is terrible about the bike pump! We have bikes in our kitchen, but they live there most of the time – and the pump isn't out too often. It is good that you got some alone time with your mom, but it will be fun for you when the kitties are back too – we bet they miss you!

  2. the dog pyramid looks like a great toy / treat holder. and that was a very cute video of you snuffling up all of the treats.hugs,puglette:o)

  3. Ooooh, we love that dog pyramid, but Mom says we would each have to have our own in separate rooms or we would all be stealing each other's goodies.Too bad about the bike pump. Hope the gas station can help.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. BajasI think it's wondewful when the whole family getw to be togethew,,I think youw Mom has enough love fow all of yousmoochie kissesASTA

  5. Sheesh, Bajas, your mom is a big meanie to buy that pump to torment you. The food pyramid looks like an awful lot of work. Not my idea of a reward, but whatever works for you…Slobbers,Mango

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