Happy birthday Mango (and Mango Slices)

First I would like to wish my great friend Mango a happy 5th birthday!

How cute is he, eating cheese from a can?


I’ve also discovered something disturbing at our grocery store. I believe someone are stealing slices of the Mango and selling for profit. Peoples are so rude…

But not only that, there are lots of other products with pieces of Mango in them…

I’m afraid by the time Mango RH reaches his next birthday he might be Labradude sized, and by his 10th he may be my size!? Nothing wrong with my size, mind you, but it should be your natural handsomeness and not because people are stealing slices and eating you!

Now drop by the Mango and wish him a happy barkday!



9 thoughts on “Happy birthday Mango (and Mango Slices)

  1. That is SHOCKING! Is it possible that whilst I enjoy my meditations there are Norwegian bandits removing slices of my Mango-ness? Oh Bajas! WIll there be nothing left of me?Slobbers,Mango

  2. We have eaten mango ice cream before and mom says there's lots more where that came from so we are scared that Mango is in deep doodoo, Bajas!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  3. Oh Bajas!!!Damage controls must be dones on the Mango stealing foodables!!!Good thing you are just the good friend to do it!!!We hopes your friend Mango has a great b-day and we will go find his bloggy to wish him one!Loves,Josie Izzy Anakin

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