Out of the Office.

Hi guys!

I’m sorry, but not surprised, to inform you that we will be more or less bad bloggers from now on and until Mom has survived the Exam Season. We need her for computer access and her photography skills (it’s hard to snap the picture and be in it all at once, at least without opposable thumbs). We’ll probably do the occational post and comment, and we’ll read quite a few blogs when Mom needs a break. We just won’t be very reliable and will seem absent. Mom will have exams on June 3, 4 and 8. Two exams will be on the 8th, actually. And she’ll have to write and hand in another paper that is part of her grade and hand it in by the 3rd as well. So she’ll be a leeetle bit busy. But we’ll be back.

We’ll do plenty of snoopervising Mom (and each other).

The cat tree has a really good vantage point even if I don’t manage to climb all the way to the top.



Sunny Sunday

Mom had to work yesterday, but today she’s just going to stay home! Yay! It’s also nice and sunny, allthough there seems to be clouds gathering so perhaps we get some rain later. (A nice cooling rain wouldn’t be a bad thing, it’s gotten warm here. Fast!)

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Just ’cause I’m cute

Here’s a little to cheer up your Thursday! And since there’s nothing other than “aww’s” that go along with these pictures and Mom and I are in translator mode why not tell you that the Norwegian word for Thursday is torsdag. Tor = Thor, the norse god s=the possessive s and dag = day which means that according to its name today is Thor’s day.

Sleepy kisses,


Today we are a tired bunch. Mom’s been trying to write her theoretical translation essay. She’s been able to squeeze out about 1500 semi-coherent words and is giving up for now. The theoretical part only counts 30% so why does it have to be so much harder? BOL! I’ve been helping all I can muster of course, stepping on her books, taking a walk on the keyboard, whining to go for walks, demanding food, looking unhappy when all I got was kibble? (I cannot understand why the lady still tries to make me eat meat flavored corn flakes from time to time! She mumbles stuff about having to eat what we’ve got left.) You get the idea…

Last night she was so tired she was in bed just after 8 PM and slept to 9AM today (not counting two trips to settle the cats fighting around midnight. Not bad fighting, really, she just didn’t want any kind of fight of play fight while Hyssy’s cuts were so fresh), wonder if she’ll last longer tonight. Hee hee hee..


Healing and Thankful Tuesday.

First of all! We’re so touched and thankful for all the offers to help Mom! The blogosphere really is the best. She just got her assignment a couple of hours ago and is about to start writing. She took Hyssy to the vet today to get his man-parts cut off. Poor guy. He’s all wobbly on his feet and sleepy from the surgery. Virus didn’t like him at all when he got back and hissed and growled at him. Please keep your fingers crossed that he gets a grip and treats the poor little guy better once he wakes up properly! Mom’s locked him in his carrier to sleep off the drugs so he’s comfy for now.

I gotta go help Mom, perhaps we’ll post some pictures of the little surgery victim later today.


Edit: Here are a couple of pix!
When you’re all knocked out from the drugs it’s nice to have a warm brudder to sleep next to.

Ssssoo sneepy…

Happy May 17! (And a plea for help!)

Hi guys! Today is our Constitution Day! So we’re celebrating wearing our flag ribbon. Actually we’re just relaxing today and won’t be doing anything furry exciting.

On a completely different note. Mom is going to write a very important paper this week and wondered if any of our so called “native speakers” of American English would concider giving her a hand and reading through her translation (on Tuesday or Wednesday)? It’ll be 1-2 pages so nothing big, mainly to see if anything isn’t making sense. If you’re willing to help please e-mail her at aneATwhipmopsDOTnet (just replace with the apropriate symbols) or leave a comment with your e-mail addy.

Happy kisses,