Tuesday Adventures with Hyssy

Oh my – what is this place?

That’s one NOISY water bowl!

Mom! MOM! Don’t you leave me!

Huh.. This stuff smells weird!

The whole leash thing was a leetle confusing and the great outdoors was both exciting and a little scary. Thanks for coming along on my adventure.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Adventures with Hyssy

  1. Hey! I do the same thing on walkies. I puff up all big to make sure there is nothing scary coming close. Watch out, could lead to private tutoring.What a great adventure you had. Slobbers,Mango

  2. Our kitties only "escape" the house for brief periods, they usually come running back freaked out by the "outside" world. I'm impressed Hyssing made it so far out! Wow!

  3. Oh how we love that picture of you hissing. We have a cat on our street who lives with a family with two dogs. When the owner walks the dog, the cat goes along with them, and then when he sees us walking, he tries to come right over to us. Sorry to say we do not find that amusing – we so wish his owner would train him on a leash too.We love your harness, Hyssing.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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