Bajas Birthday Boy!

Can you believe the bestest little pug in the whole wide world turns 8 today? I won’t repeat the birthday post from last year – but if you didn’t read it you can learn a lot about how Bajas came to be mine and what a pain he was in the beginning. LOL! There are also puppy pix.

We’ll be celebrating a little today with Auntie Anna and we’ll try to take some pix so you can see tomorrow.

– Ane –

We also want to ask you all to pop over and wish Salinger a happy birthday, too! Here he’s posing with his mom’s favourite tulips. Mom think they’re very pretty and understand that they’re off limit for peeing pugs, tulips are her favourite flower! It’s quite funny actually – not only do Salinger and I share the same birthday, but our Mom’s do, too (in February)!

As you can see, Salinger and I share the same philosophy in life, too:

I also want to wish a Happy Hatch Day to Gilbert! He is Emmitt and Melissa’s Parrotlet!

How cute is he?

Kisses from the birthday boy!


22 thoughts on “Bajas Birthday Boy!

  1. Happy 8th birthday, Bajas! Have fun celebrating at Auntie Anna's!That's pretty cool that you share a birthday with Salinger and that your mom's share birthdays together too!Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  2. YAAAAAAAYYYYY!! Happy Birthday Bajas!!!!I daresay that you are the most HANDSOME puggy on your entire continent!!!!Have a GREAT day and I hope those C*T brothers of yours don't mess with you!!!!!Love,S-DogPee S. It still freaks mom out that she and your mom have the same b-day too!!!!

  3. Hello Birfday Bajas!!!Wow this is so much fun!!!All these Birfthdays!!! Too bads we all don't lives close together so thens we can all Par-ty!!!You are one cool dude and we are soooo glad we are your puggie friends!!! Have fun at your Aunties house and eat lots and lots of treats. Aunties have a tendency to spoil their nephews which is always a good thing!!!one last thing….da da da da da da… they say it's your birfdays…da da da da da da da…and Sal's birfday's days too…da da da da ….they say it's your birfday's…da da da da da da… and that little green birdy's too! (hee hee hee)We loves to sing…any opportunity we gets we takes!!!Happy Birfday Bajas!!!Enjoy your day!!!Big birfday hugs from these pugs,Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  4. HAAAAAPY birthday to YOOOOOU! Haaaaapppy birthday to yooooou! Haaaaapppy Birthday dear Baaaaajaaaas! Happy Birthday to yoooouuuu! Whoops, I think I just cracked the computer screen with my lovely singing voice! Enjoy your day!!!

  5. Bajas, my furiend! I've been to busy to leave comments like I used to, but Google Reader has done a pawesome job keeping me updated, so I had to stop by and wish you a happy birthday!!! Happy celebrations to you all. Twinkie

  6. happy birthday, dear bajas!!you are a wonderful puggy fellow and i hope all of your birthday wishes.hugs and birthday smooches!puglette:o)

  7. Happy Birthday Bajas! I can't believe you're 8 today because you hardly have any gray hairs. I'm so jealous. It must be all the foodables and great water you have in Norway. Stubby xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday Bajas!! We are going to sing you our birthday song – we hope you like it!What day is today?It's Baja's Birthday!!What a day for a Birthday!Let's all have some cake!We hope you have a wonderful, fun birtday! And we wish your friends a happy birthday too!!

  9. BajasI can't believe you'we eight aweady!HAPPY BIWFDAY SWEET BOY!I hope you have the most wondewful celebwation wif youw mom and kittiesI'm sending you extwa load of smoochie kissesLoveAsta

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