Sad Saturday

Hi friends!

We’re a little sad at the WriggleButtHome today. We know many of you know Patience and the whippets. Patience, Bill and the waggle have gone through way more than they deserved in the last couple of years. Patience has written about her wonderful sister, Martha, and how she’s been furry, furry sick. On Friday Martha passed away. We’re so sorry for her family and loved ones. BUT – we are so thankful that Patience arrived in time to say good bye and that Martha was such a wonderful and lucky lady to have such wonderful people who love her and was with her when it was her time to go.

Please keep Patience and her family in your thoughts and prayers to help ease their pain.

I have never lost a sister, but I have lost my mom and my brudder… I’m sure the waggle will give them all plenty of kisses and make them smile and laugh a little through their tears.

I’m not going to die. Mom made me promise when I was little. I intend to keep my promise (you have to, don’t you?)

Hug your hoomans and stuffies and brudders and sisters!

Big kisses,

10 thoughts on “Sad Saturday

  1. Thanks, Bajas. I was so miserable when my Beautiful Raja crossed over the Rainbow Bridge that I just lay around and moped for months. It can be hard on those left behind.Slobbers,Mango

  2. oh dear, poor patience! she has had so much loss in the past year or so. i will be sure to give her my sympathies. thank you for letting us know, ane.hugs,puglette:o)

  3. Hi, Bajas.I am so sorry to know about Patience's sis Martha.Glad to know she was able to be there with her.Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  4. Bajas we are sending lots of purrs and prayers over to Patience. We know how sad she is – we lost our fur brother last year and our mom lost both her mom and dad – we didn't know our grandma and only Kirzon and Lola knew our grandpa. We know our mom is stil sad about them going but we know it does get a bit easier with time.

  5. Dear BajasThank you for letting us know to send loving thoughts to Marthas family and friend.It is very sad to say good bye.There is never a good time.I know what you ment when you told your mom you would never die.Sometimes those are the words that we must say.lovetweedles

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