Um.. Well.. Not so much..

For now we’ve got plenty of the snowables. But it’s been nice and sunny and warm and some dry spots are appearing here and there.

I’m dreaming of spring now – and going out for longer walks. Well.. Perhaps not so many, with Mom’s feet. A pug can hope..

But for now it’s mainly couch duty – and taking care of the stuffies!
I can handle that.


12 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. If Bajas can handle it, have no fear! Your assignment is most excellent. You get the couch and the stuffies. A good deal. Earthquakes feel like… something different every time. The people nearest to the epicenter felt a pound and a jolt and felt like there was a drop (like in an elevator), and said it lasted 7-8 seconds. Here, 20 miles away it felt like the house was being hit on it's side and the top at the same time and people said it lasted 1-1.5 minutes…Twinkie

  2. Aw Bajas, you are so cute sleeping with your stuffy!! We still have a bit of snow here too, but it seems to be melting quickly. Hope your mom's feets are feeling better soon and that you get some spring-like weather!xo

  3. That snow stays a long time where you live. Do you change the clocks? We changed our clocks and now it is light when momma comes home (but I think that is a US thing).Hang in there, little pug, spring is coming.Slobbers,Mango

  4. All in good time, Bajas. We would really love that snow, but then too the sunshine and pretty flowers would be nice too. Hope you and Mom will be able to get some walks in soon.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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