Sleepy Monday

..some mornings when Mom come and wake me….

..I’m just so furry, furry sleepy!
We’ve got noms today, though, so I can’t complain. Mom bought pig hearts. Mostly for the kitties (they won’t touch the bag of chicken wings so far, which is great for me), but they are so stoooopid so they always take their chunks of meatables down on the floor and get distracted so I eat most of their foods, too. BOL!


15 thoughts on “Sleepy Monday

  1. BOL! Nice morning face, Bajas! You look just like I do if mom tries to peel me out from under the covers before I'm awake!! Thankfully I'm an early riser,so it doesn't happen often!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  2. Well it's good to hear the C.A.T.s are good for something. (We would just eat the C.A.T.s; then we would get all the goodies. Heh heh.)Your morning face made our servant give us kisses; it was magic on her.wags from the whippets

  3. That is a Most Adorable picture of you, Bajas. My Brudder Ranger is not a morning dog either. So he can sympathize with your morning woes.Wiggles & Wags,Mayzie

  4. i just want to kiss that cute face!! you look so much like charlie when she is sleepy. so sweet. and good job on getting all the kitty noms!hugs,puglette:o)

  5. Bajas!You crack me up, me lad. You pugs have that natural lazy disposition. 'Tis something that we Irish Terriers must learn and practice. Thanks for stopping by me blog the other day. Me mums and I are still doing well. Stay cute and pugtastic!Irish Love,McG

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