Silly Sunday

Mom wonder if my legs are made of rubber..



Sad Saturday

Hi friends!

We’re a little sad at the WriggleButtHome today. We know many of you know Patience and the whippets. Patience, Bill and the waggle have gone through way more than they deserved in the last couple of years. Patience has written about her wonderful sister, Martha, and how she’s been furry, furry sick. On Friday Martha passed away. We’re so sorry for her family and loved ones. BUT – we are so thankful that Patience arrived in time to say good bye and that Martha was such a wonderful and lucky lady to have such wonderful people who love her and was with her when it was her time to go.

Please keep Patience and her family in your thoughts and prayers to help ease their pain.

I have never lost a sister, but I have lost my mom and my brudder… I’m sure the waggle will give them all plenty of kisses and make them smile and laugh a little through their tears.

I’m not going to die. Mom made me promise when I was little. I intend to keep my promise (you have to, don’t you?)

Hug your hoomans and stuffies and brudders and sisters!

Big kisses,

Bajas’ Friday

Happy Friday, guys! And almost Happy Easter, too! Mom’s off school now for Easter, which is great – more cuddle time for all of us! I’ve been thinking there’s been too much kitties on the blog lately and had a chat with mom about it. She says that since we’re not walking it’s easier to take pix of the kitties because they run around being silly. And with my beautiful black self usually being on the black couch or meditating with BamBam the pix of me tend to turn out a bit similar…

But I know you all come here for ME and I promise I’ll make sure Mom gets more pix of me.

She says her camera tend to have a hard time finding my black self on the black couch when trying to focusing. BOL! I also want to say that when I squeeze up against the edge like this I look a little.. ahem.. chunkyer than I really am.

Napping is GOOD!
What? Why you disturbing me, lady?

Whatcha doing, kitties? Any meatables I can steal?

Today Mom got us some liver (pork) and while chopping it up and preparing to freeze it she gave us all some to taste – even both kitties thought it was yummy. I’ve never had raw liver before (on its own, it’s all squished together in my yummy raw foodables), but it was just as yummy as the cooked liver Mom used to make for training treats. The kitties got heart for brekkie and I managed to steal a piece from Virus but then Mom went all psycho and made me give it back. She said that I’d already eaten my share and that unless the Kitties leave their meats on the floor I’m not allowed to take it. Not fair.

Oh well… I think it’s time for another nap.


Happy Tuesday!

First of all – thanks for all the good wishes for Mom. We’re pretty sure they worked well yesterday and perhaps not as well today. BOL!

We also got some great news yesterday – the second whippet puppy is back home! Yay! We’re pretty sure having to buy both pups back from new owners who had paid large amounts for flea market/parking lot pups was a way to scam the breeder out of money, which is really sad. But we’re still happy the little baby is back home and safe!
Tonight we’ve had some quiet time with Mom and PA. Mom also bought three whole chickens and chopped them into pieces for all of us to eat (not all at once, though). I got a thigh for dindin – yum! Mom and PA had some of their chicken in a Thai curry and then they had vanilla ice cream with warm raspberries… Talk about a nice evening. Mom thought she deserved it after her exams (and tomorrow she’ll have to write a big translation paper so she needed some proper relaxation today).
Hope you’ve all had good days, too!