Sleepy Thursday

Hi guys! I just got back to Mom yesterday after a little holiday with PA. His birthday was on Monday and I didn’t want to leave him all alone and everything! Today Mom handed in her first obligatory essay of the season and I helped as much as I could with the finishing touches. Now we’re both relaxing on the couch with curling semi finals – first the ladies (Sweden – China and Canada – Switzerland) and later tonight we’ll see our boys in action (Norway – Switzerland and Canada – Sweden).

Keep your paws crossed for Norway and Canada – we want to see those teams in the final on Saturday. Saturday is Mom’s birthday so we hope she gets the dream final as a birthday present. At least Auntie and Mom is planning a fairly early dinner out before going home and watching the bronze final. Mom will watch the final, too, which starts at midnight. She said Auntie could go home if she got sleepy, though. BOL!

I think I’ll just share my lucky snores!


8 thoughts on “Sleepy Thursday

  1. That's right!! Isn't it your curling boys who are wearing those crazy pants?? Talk about a fashion statement!!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

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