MORE stolen dogs!? Montreal

This was just posted on WhippetWorld. We are very upset.

2000$$ REWARD !!!!HELP!!!! ANYONE coming home from the Montreal flyball tourney, Claire Gordon’s truck was stolen out of the Jack Astor’s parking lot, ALL THE DOGS are in the truck. License # 501 ONE Ontario plates, black Chevy Silverado, 2004 model diesel. Call 1 (613) 720-9047, if you see the truck! Please CROSS POST

We want people to stop stealing doggies – NOW! We hope they at least drop the dogs off somewhere safe and don’t hurt them in any way. Keep your paws and fingers crossed!

Ane & the boys

7 thoughts on “MORE stolen dogs!? Montreal

  1. Claire has posted on facebook that all the dogs have been found and are at the SPCA in Montreal for the night. It seems they were left tied up in a park, for which everyone is grateful.

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