Stolen whippet puppies – Texas

Our first thought when we read this were to post it on the bloggie – we’ve seen others sharing it, too, but in case we have readers others don’t we’re posting it here as well. The more the better, I’m sure. I also didn’t have the pictures, so stole them from Patience.

Look at these two little darlings – we need to get them HOME!

Here’s what the owner writes:

My house was broken into today. 2/17/10. Along with stuff I can replace they stole 2 five week old whippet puppies. Please – Please – PLEASE be on the lookout for any whippet puppies. I live in Conroe, Texas. We are contacting the vets – newspaper – shelters – local news channels – whatever we can think of. I think it was kids because of the sloppy things they took – leaving behind other stuff. It is so cold outside…. they are just babies….Permission to cost post – PLEASE!!!Pictures of the two puppies are attached
My cell is 713-817-1236

I’m hoping my girlfriend in Texas can send lots of lucky snorts into the Texas air and make sure evil people return these little babies!


13 thoughts on “Stolen whippet puppies – Texas

  1. Oh goodness what a horrid thing for these people to do. We are sending our biggest purrs that they will come to their senses and the puppies will be safely returned home.

  2. We think this is just HORRIBLE! Some hoomans are evil to the core! Our paws are crossed that those pups are returned to their loving home!Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  3. We have seen this story around other blogs too but it never hurts to spread the word. How can people be so heartless! We hope the whippets are found safe and sound.Have a great weekend.Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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