Awards and stuff

Our sweet friends at Furrydance gave us a sweet award!

The Rules for accepting the Sweet Friends Award:

1). Copy the image to your blog
2). List 10 things that make you happy and try to do one today
3). Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day

1) Bajas: my sweetie Annie
2) Bajas: snuggling on Mom
3) Bajas: spending quality time with my BamBam
4) Virus: kicking Hyssing’s butt
5) Virus: snoring on the bathroom floor
6) Virus: getting nose scritches
7) Hyssing: getting tummy rubs
8) Hyssing: getting kisses
9) Hyssing: snuggling
10) Bajas: getting yummy chicken wings for brekkie

Then we have to choose just ten of our sweet friends…

1) Of course Bajas wants to give it to his sweetie, Annie!
2) Our friend Coco
3) The kitties want to give it to Khyra (not that I object, but I think they’re feeling a little cheeky after Hyssing came in 3rd Cat Dog at Mango Minster)
4) Harley – he deserves it after almost having his toesies cut off (scaredy-cat)
5) Sweet Lorenza always makes us smile
6) Forever Foster Well, it’s obviously, really. How cute are those kittens?

7) The Popounette who share so many great pix with us
8) Brutus the agilityfrenchie
9) Salinger who always make us laugh
10) Anna

We’ve also gotten the proof of Hyssing’s 3rd place in Mango Minster!

How cool is that?

Now it’s early in the morning and we’re all watching the Norway – USA curling match. Both teams are playing rather poorly, really, but Norway is finally appearing to be picking up. Yay!


9 thoughts on “Awards and stuff

  1. Congratulations on your cool award! And Harley is very proud that you chose him, too. He says the toenail operation was worth it now!

  2. Curling, huh, not much of that around here, but they do play bagpipes at the competitions which momma just loves.Great job at Mango Minster!Slobbers,Mango

  3. Hey guys!! Congrats on the awards!! I must really be sweet, since I keep getting the Happy 101 award!! Thanks for thinking of me!!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  4. Congratulations on your Award!And thanks for giving it to me!Snoring on the bathroom floor?? I'd love to hear that!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  5. Congrats on the Award and also Hyssing congratulations on your MangoMinster placing! It was so much fun to go to all the events and vote, etc.So, who won the curling match?? We haven't been keeping up with the Olympics this year.Nice to meet you. Please come visit our bloggie sometime!Smooches from pooches,BabyRocketDog and Hootie

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