13 thoughts on “Fur Annie!

  1. Hi Bajas! AnnieBelly is the cutest of them all. You guys make a very cute couple and I know that you'll make your long distance love work. True love has no boundaries.Stubby xoxo

  2. You are two pugs in a pod, for sure!! Hope you had a great day – Valentines is always better when you have a sweetie!!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  3. Dear Bajas, this here is Anniebelly. Thank you for remembering me on Valentine's, my little honey pot puggy. You make my heart go pitty pat – would you believe my mama left town on Valentine's and didn't open my prezzies until today??? *steam comes out of Annie's ears* I forgave her in exchange for third brekkies.Blowing you kisses from across the world!xoxoxox Annie

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